5 reasons to have a comedy hypnosis show for grad nights

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I have been performing my comedy hypnosis show for grad nights over many years. Over the years of performances, I get more and more feedback from clients on how a hypnosis show is a perfect fit for this particular event. Some event planning committees keep re-booking comedy hypnosis shows for grad nights just because they know how much students love it. I can highlight few reasons why this show might be a great fit for your grad night event. Please also check more about my show here.

  • Unique performance

Without a doubt, a comedy hypnosis show for grad nights is one of a kind unique experience for students, no matter whether they are on a stage or in the audience. A lot of times, students have never seen a hypnosis show, so they have no idea what to expect. This keeps them intrigued and excited for the show.

  • Engaging entertainment

A lot of times having a comedy hypnosis show for grad nights is great way to engage students and keep them entertained. Typically, hypnotist works with the participants on stage yet the audience most definitely feels involved in this performance and gets excited throughout the show.

  • Memorable event

Not to mention, hypnosis show is a memorable event for students as they get to see their friends to be hypnotized on stage. I have met some students years later at different events and they were still remembering good times they had back at grad night watching/ participating in the hypnosis show.

  • Versatile performance

What makes the hypnosis performance great is that it also has a lot of versatility. Depending on the venue, there is a possibility of performing hypnosis on a stage or a flat floor. Also, I have performed the show outside too. I have modified setup depending on event’s layout. That versatility definitely makes it less stressful for the planners when it comes to setting up a performance.

  • High energy show

Last but not least, a comedy hypnosis for grad nights is definitely a high energy show. Typically, grad nights take place in late evenings/ nights, so it’s extremely important to keep students excited and engaged. From my own experience, interactive element of the show keeps everyone engaged. Also, comedy aspect of the show keeps students laughing throughout the show and having good time.

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