Cards Against Hypnosis


Show Introduction

Tonight our entertainer has noted to have captivated many audiences performing his interactive comedy hypnosis show called "Cards Against Hypnosis" . What makes this performer's show truly unique is that he will not only entertain you, but also make you a part of the mind blowing experience that is hypnotism. Prepare to be compelled by a performance that will literally leave you in a trance.... Welcome to the stage - hypnotist David Hall.


stage hypnosis show setup


1 – Two Monitor Speakers facing the performance area.
(Monitor speakers facing the stage are very important as this allows the volunteers on stage to hear the sound properly and become hypnotized.)

2 – Two high quality speakers facing the audience.

3 – Mixer board to plug in a microphone and Ipad.
David will be bringing a wireless handheld microphone that can be plugged into your system via a XLR Plug-in. 

David’s Ipad will be controlled by a wireless remote with a range of 100 feet. The closer the plug-in for the iPad can be – the better. The Ipad can be plugged in using a XLR channel via a passive direct box which David will bring. 

Sound is very important for the success of the show. Please have a sound professional who is familiar with your system arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the show for a sound check. 

If you cannot meet the above requirements, please contact David in advance as he may have the ability to bring his own speakers / sound equipment. 

Performance Area

This show can be performed on: Stage, Riser, or Flat Floor.  Please see description of each setup below and choose the one that works best for your event. 

Show on Stage: 

A stage with a minimum size of 15’x24’. (Keep in mind, this is a minimum size as a larger performance area is preferred.) 

Show on Risers: 

A riser with a minimum size of 15’x24’.  (Keep in mind, this is a minimum size as a larger performance area is preferred.) 

Back of risers must be flush against a wall or have a back railing for the safety of the volunteers. There should be no space between the back of the riser and the wall unless a sturdy back railing is provided. Pipe and Drape is not considered a back wall. 

Show on Flat Floor: 

If the above stage requirements cannot be provided, the show can be performed on a flat floor without a stage or risers. For example: a gymnasium floor, or ballroom dance floor. 


12-14 chairs, Stacking Type Banquet Armless Chairs are preferred. Chairs must be arranged in an arch towards the center of the stage. Please see the above diagram for a stage plot.