College Hypnotist Show

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College Hypnotist

David Hall has been performing his interactive college hypnotist show “Cards Against Hypnosis” for many colleges and universities around the country.

This is an interactive show where the audience gets to choose throughout the show on what skits they want to see the hypnotized people do. In fact, it is extremely entertaining and a lot of fun!

As a matter of fact, this college hypnotist show works great for Welcome weeks, Orientations, Family weekends, Halloween, Late night events, Weekend programming and many more different occasions creating great memories for students!
So, get ready to be engaged and entertained on your campus by this hilarious hypnosis show!

Teaser Show 

Not to mention,  David can help promote an event by offering a teaser show. Typically, one or two hours before the show he will walk-around a campus and perform a close-up mind reading effects for students. This gets everyone excited for the main stage show. It also creates a great “meet and greet” environment too. In addition, campus activity members can pass flyers and inform students about the show . 
David can also create a short video with your school’s name, date and time that can be posted on social media to increase turnout!

Double Show

Besides the hypnosis show, David also offers a mentalist  show that he performs with his partner Antonina. 

Get ready to be engaged and entertained by their uncanny ability to read the thoughts of audience volunteers, make astounding predictions and uncover and expose other mysteries and coincidences in this 60 minute show!

By all means, this show is wildly popular among colleges and universities!

Moreover, if your school is planning a multiple hour event, there is an option of having a double show. For instance, the event can start with a mind reading show and then continue with a hypnosis show after a small intermission.
Overall, David is happy to work with your specifics and help you create an unforgettable event for your school.  Please contact him if you have any questions. 

Voicemail References

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“Students were absolutely blown away, extraordinary entertaining show, audience participation gets people excited to attend” - Western Illinois University

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“It was a fun show, the audience enjoyed interactive element of it, very successful start to our semester” – University of South Carolina

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“Everyone really enjoyed the show, we would love to have you again” – Xavier University

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” The show was great, we are very glad that we brought you” – University of Tampa

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” The show was amazing, we would be glad to have David back” – Philadelphia University

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“All the students loved it and had a really great time” – University of Florida