Social Distancing Show

David is now offering his live show with social distancing elements 

  • Social distancing with audience members
  • Usage of Face Masks
  • Usage of Hand Sanitizer
  • Ability to perform the show outside if needed
  • Ability to perform multiple shows in a day with a reduced audience size

Virtual Live Streaming Magic & Mind Reading Show as a backup

Virtual Live streaming Magic & Mind Reading show can be offered as a backup performance in case the event needs to be changed from a live to a virtual format. This virtual show will be performed by Antonina & David the Mentalists offsite in a studio and live streamed to your guests while allowing them to participate via video and online chat. Please see a performance video on

Cards Against Hypnosis

Cards Against Hypnosis Show is David Hall’s latest interactive; laugh out loud, drop-to-your knees funny, comedy hypnosis show!
In between each skit David will throw a ball in to the crowd in which a random audience member who catches the ball will be shown 2 large cards. First is a black card with a scenario/skit, followed by a white card with possible outcomes. Based on the audience members decision that skit will be performed by the hypnotized participants on stage.

More About The Show
Cards Against Hypnosis Show 1
College Comedy Hypnotist David Hall
Cards Against Hypnosis Show Audience
“Students were absolutely blown away, extraordinary entertaining show, audience participation gets people excited to attend” Western Illinois University
“Everyone really enjoyed the show, we would love to have you again” Xavier University
“It was a fun show, the audience enjoyed interactive element of it, very successful start to our semester” University of South Carolina