Comedy Hypnosis Show

"Cards Against Hypnosis"

Comedy Hypnosis Show

Comedy hypnosis show “Cards Against Hypnosis” is an interactive show where the audience gets to choose throughout the show what skits they want to see the hypnotized people do.

This one of a kind show is performed by hypnotist David Hall and works great for college events, high schools, grad nights and many more occasions.

The formula of the show is simple.  In between each skit David will throw a ball into the crowd, then a random audience member who catches the ball will be shown 2 large cards. First is a black card with a scenario/skit, followed by a white card with possible outcomes. Based on the audience member’s decision that skit will be performed by the hypnotized participants on stage.

Not only this unpredictable show gives a truly unique experience for the hypnotized participants on stage , but also for the audience members. By all means, the show has been described as “jaw dropping” “hilarious” and “downright fun.”

David is based out of Boston, MA but travels all over the country performing his comedy hypnosis show as well as his mentalist show for hundreds of clients.

What makes this show truly unique is that David will not only entertain you, but also make you a part of the mind blowing experience that is hypnotism.  

Prepare to be compelled by a performance that will literally leave you in a trance.  Without a doubt this unique interactive hypnosis show will definitely create a truly unforgettable event!

Voicemail References

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“Students were absolutely blown away, extraordinary entertaining show, audience participation gets people excited to attend” - Western Illinois University

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“It was a fun show, the audience enjoyed interactive element of it, very successful start to our semester” – University of South Carolina

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” The show was great, we are having David back this year and everyone is looking forward to this show” – North Middlesex High School

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“All the students loved it and had a really great time” – University of Florida